Bring a Waterski and Wakeboard School to YOU!

For the cost of sending one person to a ski school, you could fly an instructor to YOU.  Split the cost with all your friends and family:

  • Learn on your OWN equipment,
  • Learn on your OWN boat,
  • Learn on your OWN lake,
  • Learn with your OWN GROUP OF FRIENDS!

Get the home field advantage!

Have you ever learned something at a ski school, but been unable to do it back at home?  In addition to getting first rate on-the-water coaching…

  • We will teach you how to take full advantage of the conditions you are used to being in. The boat, the lake, the driving pattern, the driving technique, the equipment all play a BIG roll in how you perform.  Especially when you are learning.  There is a reason they call it the “HOME field advantage!”
  • We encourage you to invite all your friends and family. The more the merrier.  It won’t cost any more.  Aside from being able to split the costs, I’ll teach teach everyone how to teach each other.  Long after I have left, everyone will know how to properly help each other continue to improve.
  • We can easily teach ALL of your friends. Can you imagine trying to organize a trip to a ski school with all your ski buddies?  If you only have one or two, it’s reasonable.  If you have TEN it’s not likely to happen. 
  • We will teach your whole group how to spot each others bad habits… AND what to tell each other to correct them.  Often times when people come home from a ski school, they go back to their old habits.
  • We will teach you driving tips. A professional boat driver can keep you from falling 4 out of 5 times. When you go to a ski school, their drivers know how to keep you from falling, but they rarely teach the customers these tricks.  There is rarely time and the insurance usually restricts the customers from driving the boat.  No matter how good of a boat driver you are, there are always ways to improve.
  • It takes about 20 minutes to get used to riding behind a new boat. If you go to a ski school, that could be half your lesson wasted.

Make money by when you bring the instructor down. Promote that you are setting up a clinic and have other local riders sign up for lessons. You can charge them around $100 per hour which is about the national average price for waterski or wakeboard lessons (or charge them whatever price you think is best). I will teach all the lessons, and you get whatever money you collect. You can actually make a profit!

One instructor teaches all levels of water skiing, wake boarding, wake skating, wake surfing, and boat driving.

The price is the same for ANY size group. If it’s just 2 of you, great! If you’ve got 20 friends, no problem! Split the cost with all of them.

Scott Taylor named one of “Wakeboarding’s Best Coaches”

-Wakeboard Magazine, May 2011

Scott Taylor is quoted in Wakeboard Magazine

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